Friday in Pictures

Yesterday the three of us finally got time out of our very busy schedules to hang out with each other. We had a really nice and lovely day outside as we were finally starting to feel that summer is almost here.🌞 We didn’t really have any specific plans for the day, so we just decided to take a little trip into Salt Lake City and then take it from there. So here is our Friday for you…

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Our first stop (of course had something to do with food 😁 ) was to “Settebello”, one of the best pizza places in Salt Lake. We would highly recommend this place if you’er looking for good pizza.πŸ•

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The choice is too hard!!!Β 

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One thing that we really like about Salt Lake is that we can find small bakeries that reminds us of our hometown Stockholm! This little cafe called “Eva’s Bakery” was one place that we came across while strolling around. They had a lot of really yummy things to choose from, things like different kinds of pastries or different kinds of cakes, Β and the interior made you feel like you were stepping into an old romantic movie.


Sometimes you just need a reminder of where you are! 😜

Β IMG_0406

We ended the day by going to the movies and watched the new “Pirates Of The Caribbean”, and we were very satisfied byΒ how the movie series ended, as we have been fans of these movies since the very start.

I must say, it has been a good day!