The engine starts to run and we are moving, after reaching 200mph we are ready for takeoff. I look out the window over the beautiful but gray landscape, and I think to myself, I did it.

23 hours later after two flights I am finally surrounded by what now will be my home for little more than 10 months. I feel excited and happy, though a part of me is freaking out a bit. This is no longer one of my biggest dreams on a piece of paper, it is actually reality and I couldn’t be more proud of myself.

Ever since I can remember, taking one year of high school in the United States has always been on my ” bucket list,” and now I’m finally able to say that I can cross that off.

How many times have you written down all your biggest dreams and goals on a piece of paper and promised yourself, one day you’ll do it, but end up never doing anything to make it happened because it’s “too hard”? ( probably way too many times) Believe me, this was me on a daily basis until I actually found a way to make my dream come true. So here is my top five tips on how you can turn your dreams into reality!

🖤 Write it down: take out a piece of paper and go 🍌. Write down every single dream or goal you have, whether they are big or small. Remember, only the sky is the limit.

Tip! Make a cool design or outlook to give you inspiration every time you look at the list.

🖤 Hang it up: place your ” bucket list” where you can see it and always be reminded about your dreams and goals.

🖤 The five stars: for every single dream or goal. Put down five things you have to do or accomplish to fulfill it. This helped me a lot!

🖤 Keep track: one of the most important things is to be organized and know how you are doing. I used a calendar to write down every single checklist and important dates etc. Reminders on iPhone is my number one go to app when it comes to keeping track of things. It’s amazing! I also kept a journal to write down my personal thoughts on my progress.

🖤 Stay motivated: YESWe all have those days when we just want to crash on the couch and watch Netflix, and sometimes that is absolutely okay, but not if it happens too often. Find a hobby you love so whenever you lack motivation take a break and do the things you love so that you get your motivation back and increase your inspiration to keep on going. For me it is painting on canvas.

                                                                                                                                                   – Jo


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