Hello! Thank you for making a stop here at our page!
We are just three Swedish girls living the best of both worlds, a mix of the American dream and the Scandinavian life style.  All we want is to enjoy life and try to live it to the fullest, and we believe that everything you do is more fun if you do it with your best friends (and what is better than having family as best friends?). There is so much we like to do together and we really have been through everything together, all from the best times of our lives to our saddest and hardest times. So these pages are all about us (and you) to have a fun place to read some of our fondest memories and explore this beautiful world we live in together.

This is a brief history about us. First, I think the only right thing to do is to introduce you to our name. Joviel is a matchup of our names, Jo stands for Johanna (the tall “blond” girl), Vi stands for Victoria (the one with the long, long dark hair), and last but not least, El stands for Elisabeth (the short haired girl). We were born in the suburb of Stockholm, Sweden, living only five minutes apart from each others houses, which ment that we spent pretty much all of our free time together. During recent years we have had the opportunities to live in the United States, getting the high school experience and now the university life. We have always had our own fun projects going on and we are always trying to find new adventures to do together. We decided that blogging would be our next new thing to try, we always though it would be a good idea to have somewhere to write down our fun adventures, travels, tips and ideas, so that not only we can enjoy them but you too. With all that said, welcome and enjoy!



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